Tarran Tor is a fledgling dwarven underground city of roughly 20,000 stumpies. The city is lead by Tarranston, a noble, and the head of the local religious community. As such the administrative and religious factions of the Tor are completely intermingled. Another powerful faction is the engineering guild, responsible for the bevy of mechanisms that make Tarran Tor the shining beacon of modernity that it is. Running water, elevators, powered mills, and the like are what make Tarran Tor truly unique.

Unfortunately Tarran Tor has been isolated for near on 100 years. The great collapse of 946, fractured the once great dwarven empire. No contact has been made with the remainder of the empire since then (it is now 1042). Having neither contact with the surface, nor contact with other dwarves, Tarran Tor has been left entirely adrift for nearly a century. At first, Lord Tarranston was focussed on securing the city itself, making sure the people didn’t starve, but for the last 20 years, attention has shifted to reestablishing contact with the greater dwarven community. Teams work tirelessly digging through the collapsed tunnels.

Your group has been assembled to be an escort for one of the mining teams.


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