Feathered-Bat Banner of Varnhold

A banner depicting a feathered bat grasping a sword with it's feet.


When flown in battle, nearby allies have their attacks bolstered, however the bearer attracts the wrath of enemies. At the end of the battle, the bearer pays in blood for the boon.

Fly the Feathered Bat
Daily Power
Action: Standard (minor sustain)
Target: Self and all creatures within 10 and in line of sight
Duration: Encounter
Can not be used if the bearer is already bloodied.
Effect: All allies receive a +3 bonus to attack rolls. All enemies automatically hit the bearer should they attack them. Minor sustain. The banner occupies one of the bearer’s hands while it is flown.
After Effect: The bearer’s hit points are reduced to his bloodied value.

Owner: Kalderak


Found in the great Barracks of Bolthome. The banner is of a red feathered bat grasping a sword show n red on a black background. Despite it’s age the banner is in pristine condition.

Feathered-Bat Banner of Varnhold

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