The escape

Kalderak's log

After being captured by the cult of nurgle, we awoke in a dismal slave pen with close to 200 other dwarves. We found that we had been marked – strange runes etched on our faces that seemed to sap our energy. We had been stripped of all of our belongings. We also found ourselves with strange new powers, a gift from whatever force instilled the mark on our faces.

The dwarves in the slave pens were in a wretched state. Most of them avoided our gaze and only a few would even address us. One of them, a dwarf named Bronty, gave us a rundown of the goings on in Tarran Tor. The cult of Nurgle is responsible for enslaving the dwarves, and they have been having them mine for a strange green gemstone on a daily basis.

It came time for us to form up and head to the mines. As we were about to leave, we noticed a sickly dwarf that was too weak to stand up to head out for the daily labours. Eventually the skaven guards came to take him away. The thought of the unspeakable things that might be done to the dwarf at the hands of the skaven proved too much for Ernst. He desperately lunged forward to try to put the dwarf out of his misery and succeeded in bashing his skull in with a stone. However, the skaven guardsmen took his gesture as an attack, and viciously beat and stabbed him into an unconscious state.

The skaven took Ernst for dead and began to drag him away, when I attempted to plead with them to allow us to heal him so he could do his part in the mines. The slave guard leader, B-RAV, intervened and used his nefarious powers to “heal” the wounds on Ernst. I fear there may be consequences for Ernst related to this evil healing that he has received.

We were shackled and led out with the procession of 200 dwarf slaves and 50 or so guards. Just outside of Tarran Tor we found that a massive mining pit had been dug into the ground – a gaping hole with a staircase spiraling down around the outer rim. We led with a pack of around 20 other dwarves to a remote area, where we were assigned picks, hammers and shovels to begin our labour. Little did our three skaven guards know that in our hands these tools would mean their demise.

We decided that there was no interest in prolonging our time in the slave camps – any attempt at trying to plan an escape with our fellow dwarves seemed unlikely to increase our chance at success – any talk of defiance was deliberately ignored, which made me particularly wary of speaking against our master too loudly, less one of our fellow captives pass along the information to curry favour with the enemy.

We devised a plan to surprise the Skaven. Barador managed to break the chains attaching his feet without attracting attention. Dovrak and Ernst jumped the tougher skaven guarding the entrance to the cave, preventing him from blowing his whistly. I managed to slay the other two guards with a divine attack, while Barador bashed in the skull of the leader with a mining pick. We then freed the surprised dwarves and convinced them that their time of slavery was over and that it was time to be free.

The next part was a blur – we swept through the mines freeing the remaining dwarves and killing some of the guards, but our efforts were quickly noticed and the alarm was raised. We had to make our way out of the pit, suffering a barrage of missile fire from above. Despite having fashioned some rudimentary shields for cover, the dwarven slaves took heavy losses. We fought for every step and finally made it to the top, only to be encountered by fully 40 guards. The leader B-RAV was there, wielding the mighty Beetlekrad of Barador, along with two skaven shaman and countless other skavens.

We desperately unleashed everything we had in the battle to bring down B-RAV. Waves of skaven and dwarven minions were slain, but finally the skaven were routed. B-RAV fell and Barador picked up the mighty Beetlekrad once more. This proved to be too much for the skaven, and the remainder fled. All told, we lost almost one third of the dwarf slaves.

On the bright side, we managed to salvage all of our things from the dead skaven guards, who had divided it up amongst each other. Now we are faced with the difficult problem of where to go next. To the south, where the cult of nurgle is constructing a strange giant bell out of the green warpstone, and where the hub of the cult is located? Or to the north, where the town of Tarran Tor is, and where the remaining dwarf slaves are located?



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