Lonely no more


With the fungal dwarves hot on our tail we decided to head back to the cave-in area. It was a long run and without Barador’s epic endurance we would have failed and been over-run.

However, when we arrived at the cross-roads we found that someone had triggered the cave-in trap we’d set…we know not who. We ran and hid down the skaven fork to avoid the onrushing mycanoids. When their noises died down we went back to investigate but found that there were numerous still there including some sort of plant behemoth – a mixed up construct of many species melded together with the fungal disease – digging out the cave-in.

Their numbers overwhelming, we retreated to consider our options: either deal with the skaven to help us defeat the diggers or try to find an alternate path home with or without skaven guidance.

Having tried to negotiate with his apparent second in command, the assassin Vliksis, the skaven shaman Tchkriss agreed to help us defeat the digging fungals. A large part of the work was done by them by sending 3 grenadiers with jars of fire water that were almost instantly lethal to the guarding mushroom people. We helped finish the job but realized that the skaven were better possessed with knowledge to defeat our mutual enemy.

Speaking of possessed, though, it should be noted that Tchkriss seems to be very powerful thanks to his staff imbued with a green glowing rock but this power seems to be coming at great cost to him in the form of seizures and strange corruptions of his body.

He does seem to be fully possessed of his mental capacities, however, and when he recommended that we destroy the fungal creatures that seemed to be tasked with spreading their spore, we saw that he was not without wisdom. Similarly, he taught us that the creatures surrounded by the miasma cloud of spores seem to lead the mindless automatons among them.

In any case, we all made short work of the fungal dig team and continued on to Tarran Tor. We’d made a deal with the shaman to instigate a parley with him and our leaders but he wandered off before we could organize the details.

Happy were we when we met Captain Briggs on the way home and informed him of all that had come to pass. He told us to get back and continued on to guard the cave-in site.

Once back in town we were debriefed by lieutenant Virfildson and reassigned to the 1st Basalt Diggers whom we joined on escort duty for a week of more excavation with brave Dovrak leading the expedition as our seargent.

I don’t know about my commrades but I was shocked at how little care the leadership was taking about the obvious and imminent threat of the fungal dwarves. Luckily we do seem to be developing some explosive “grenades” which may yet come in handy.

Sure enough, we returned from the uneventful escort duty to find that the entire city was embroiled in a fight for its life. The White Dwarves had overrun Briggs’ position and were invading.

The lieutentant was happy to see us return seemingly in the nick of time and we were quickly tasked with escorting Birloff Stoutgut’s Brimstone Sappers to the crossroads between the Basalt and Granite tunnels. There we fought off a push from the fungal dwarves despite their ranged weapon superiority and the Sappers managed to explode their enourmous “bomb” and seal off the White Dwarf’s entry to our town.

We stand now separated from the sappers by a large cave-in on the fungal dwarf side of the crossroads unsure of the outcome of the battle at large.

I carve these runes on these walls lest we be struck down before we speak them.
Glyph-Reader Ernst, 1st Basalt Diggers.



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