Escort Duty

The 2nd Granite Diggers

We escorted Foreman Briggs and his group of 10 tunnelling engineers.

The 12 or so hour trip to the excavation site was quiet.

When we arrived we saw very little sign of the excavation unit we were meant to relieve. All that was left was their transport which had apparently been rummaged around by skaven. There was no sign of struggle leading up to the skaven looting the heavy equipment.

After some investigation it was determined that there had been a cave-in where the last group had been excavating. Briggs sounded the miner’s morse code on the collapsed stone and got a faint response. The excavators proceeded to try to extricate any survivors.

We found one survivor (name?!) and revived him. He told us that the cave-in had been intentional but it was unclear what they were escaping. The survivor was a little incoherent but we gleaned that his comrade Linkstone (?) had triggered the cave-in with the approach of some White Dwarves.

The only White Dwarves we know of are the holy warriors of a sub-cult that’s been dead for 500 years.

Further excavation revealed the mangled and dead body of Linkstone and finally the excavators reached to an opening to a passage beyond the cave-in. One of them stuck their head in the hole to see beyond and was prompty snatched by what we later learned was a Rat-Ogre with particularly diseased flesh and bits of glowing florescent green stone embedded willy-nilly in his flesh.

We rushed to open the passage further to rescue the snatched excavator and met with a group of well-prepared Skaven slingers being led by a lurking assassin Skaven. When we charged them we were also set upon by some vicuous dire rats. We dispatched this rear-guard and chased the scent of the rat-ogre and the assassin skaven whom we had injured before he scampered away.

It took us an hour or so to track down the skaven village…but before then we came across a Living Cavern where we disturbed and were attacked by a giant beetle. We defeated it and salvaged part of its carapace which is known to be good for crafting.

At the village, a skaven shaman, the assassin, the rat-ogre and a few of their minions were waiting for them. We tried to negotiate for the life of the captured engineer but the bastards had already eaten him. In our rage we attacked the skaven but were only able to fight to a stand-off.

We negotiated being able to retrieve dog-tags from the skaven refuse pile and it became clear that part of the missing excavation team wasn’t neccesarily to be found here. We must assume that there is a chance they’ve been captured by these mysterious white dwarves. Hopefully we can get more info from that confused engineer.

I carve these runes on these walls lest we be struck down before we speak them.
Sigil-Keeper Ernst, 2nd Granite Diggers.



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