Kalderak's log

We began in the cramped ankheg tunnels beneath Tarran Tor. We managed to find an exit close to the temple, our primary objective. We lay hidden and observed the happenings of the skaven city for a time, trying to establish where to go and how we might sneak into the temple. No clear path existed.

While we were observing the skaven temple, a band of skaven emerged from a building adjacent to our hiding point. Dovrak and I counselled the group on how to remain properly hidden and how to muffle the sounds of their metal armour, and thanks to our masterful stealthiness, we remained undetected.

We searched for a path that could lead us towards the temple in a way to reduce our chances of being detected, but we found no possible avenues. Everywhere there seemed to be beady eyes watching out for intruders, either around the slave pens or by the temple entrance. We discussed at length on how we might approach our task. It became clear that our presence had been detected in the city, as the skaven and the chosen became quite agitated around the temple. A large contingent left off towards the gate where we had entered.

Barador seized upon this opportunity to take the initiative and charge the temple while there appeared to be no observers. He ran directly towards the entrance, and I felt compelled to stay close on his heels to provide some backup. After a brief hesitation, Ernst and Dovrak followed.

We made it to the entrance of the temple, but were observed by a couple guards posted at a nearby building. Our folly became rapidly clear – the gig was up, and soon the whole city would know we were attacking their (un)holy sanctum. We resigned ourselves to make the best of the situation, hoping to make our way into the temple to secure a defensible position. Barador and I engaged the enemies inside the temple, and Dovrak and Ernst joined us soon after.

The battle raged for what seemed like hours. We felled many skaven scum, but they seemed to be endless. Reinforcements for the skaven came from inside the temple and from outside. Despite battling ferociously, we eventually became outnumbered. Barador was the first to fall, followed shortly after by the rest of us.

We woke in the very same slave pen we were originally hoping to reach, stripped of all of our belongings and marked by the very same mark we were hoping to learn how to remove.



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