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Kalderak's log

After preparations lasting a week, we left the relative safety of the dwarf refugee camp to embark on a quest to make contact with Tarran Tor once more. Two dwarf brothers, Jaden and Braden, came along in order to try to find any surviving family members that may still be in Tarran Tor.

After an uneventful trek lasting several days, we approached the southern gate of Tarran Tor. After observing from a distance, we decided that the best course of action would be to lay an ambush for a TT patrol that might leave or return to the city. After finding a suitable spot and laying in wait for a short time, a patrol finally did come by, on their way back towards the city. Our ambush worked quite effectively, and we made short work of the patrol, leaving one enemy dwarf alive for questioning.

We managed to learn a few things about the mark found on the enemies’ faces. First of all, looking at the mark proved very difficult – more than a brief glance caused us to become nautious and feel awful. Ernst managed to cancel the effect of a mark on a dead dwarf, but the result seemed quite damaging and did not seem viable for a live subject. We decided to trust our captive and bring him along with us, as he proved to be a valuable source of information on Tarran Tor.

After some discussion, we finally decided we would try to sneak into the city with an elaborate plan to foil the guards into thinking we were a patrol returning with wounded comrades. We crafted some disguises using skaven bits and we carried along a “wounded” skaven with us, to deceive the guards. We drew fake marks on our faces to mimic our enemies. Our plan worked, though the guards were alerted to our ruse at the last second. We managed to get our feet in the gates and we slew the guards without having the alarm raised. We left the gate open to give the impression that some dwarves escaped from the city, and we began to infiltrate the town.

We took refuge in a building in a secluded sector of Tarron Tor while we discussed what to do. Our initial idea is to try to reach the temple where the mark is placed on the dwarves and skaven, to attempt to find a way to counter the mark. If that fails, we will try to free the dwarves from the pens. The main problem we faced is to find a way through the enemy checkpoints strategically placed throughout the city, effectively barring our passage. That is when we noticed a tunnel burrowed into the ground near to our hideout.

We decided to investigate the tunnel to see if it could lead us to a part of the city where we could access the temple or the dwarf pens unmolested. The tunnels proved to be quite cramped, barely high enough for us to move through. After some time, we were attacked by giant ants and a fierce battle ensued. The cramped quarters made combat difficult, and Barador took the brunt of the ant attacks, having been placed as rear guard. At one point he fell, and one of the giant ants started to drag his unconscious body away, but we managed to revive him just in time and finish off the ants.

Our next step is to continue on, hopefully to find a way to the temple through the underground tunnels, to find a way to reverse the mark on our dwarven kin.



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